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Summer Fit ActivitiesTM and Active Planet Kids

Members of the publishing team that created the original best-selling Summer Bridge ActivitiesTM series moved on to form a new publishing initiative that focuses on education as an important part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Active Planet Kids is a supplemental educational and children’s storybook publishing company that incorporates fitness and core values in its products to help parents and children build healthy lifestyle habits as part of their educational experience. We believe physical fitness plays an important role in academics, and that both academic skills and physical fitness should be built on a foundation of core values.

Active Planet's first goal was to build on its previous success in summer learning resources to introduce the Summer Fit ActivitiesTM 9 workbook (Preschool – 7th Grade) series. Designed as a lifestyle series, Summer Fit ActivitiesTM weaves academics, fitness and core values together to build and reinforce healthy habits while kids are away from school. Daily academic, fitness and character development exercises and activities prepare children to return to school at the head of their class, while being positive leaders and role models in their own schools and classrooms.

Let’s Get Ready for Summer 2016!

“Ready for summer?” You may ask. “Isn’t summer about popsicles, swimming pools and family vacation?” Yes, and more. Summer is about simple joys and freedom. It is also an important time to review academic skills, build a healthy lifestyle, and reinforce core values.

But how can you do this and still find time for family vacation? Summer Fit ActivitiesTM use a whole child approach to keep your child’s mind and body active. Summer Fit ActivitiesTM engages children in the summer learning experience by focusing on three areas of child development: academics, fitness and core values.

Academics - reading, writing, math, language arts, science, geography and technology Fitness - exercise, active play, healthy eating and nutrition
Core Values - honesty, self-discipline, friendship and more

Summer Fit is a series of nine workbooks sold online and in stores nationwide. These workbooks bridge one year to the next: preschool–kindergarten, kindergarten–first grade, and on up to seventh–eighth grade. Each Summer Fit ActivitiesTM workbook contains:

As you can see, Summer Fit ActivitiesTM provides a unique whole body approach to summer learning that engages your child in academics, fitness and values. Summer Fit ActivitiesTM also keep your child engaged with you. It is a family affair! (Remember, you are your child’s best teacher.) So, are you ready to make Summer Fit ActivitiesTM part of your summer?